What is causing these artifacts?

I am rendering glass of wiskey as one of the objects in my scene and there seems to b some white noise-like artifacts on glass. When I do a preview I don’t seem to see these artifacts but then again, I can’t see the glass fully because of low samples in viewport. I have tried rearranging the light sources but it still has these artifacts:

These are the two renders, each with different lightning setup but the artifacts are still present. I used default glass shader for this and this material for the face with the logo:

How do I remove these artifacts?

If you remove the texture do you still get them?

Yeah, and they are on the side as well. This glass has 2 materials and the material with the texture is only on one side of the glass but the artifacts are present on the other sides too - even those that doesn’t have the texture on them.

This is the full scene, upon zooming in I noticed that the artifacts might me distorted reflection of the stapler gun. I don’t know why it’s reflecting so strange. Maybe there is something I can do with numbers of bounces or IoR to make it reflect correctly?

if you mean those white dots on the surface of glass it’s can be Z-fighting of glass object and the liquid object. Scale down the liquid a tiny bit and see if that helps. You can also check the camera clipping options


In first picture I rendered on 300 samples and didnt use denoiser just to see if the artifacts are still there. Second is 4000 samples and denoiser. Noise isn’t the problem, I just didn’t apply the denoiser in first. The thing that is bothering me is those gray/white reflections on outside of the glass.

Thanks dude, didn’t knew about this, it solved my problem. I used boolean modifier to create liquid so the two faces were exactly on top of each other. Good to know