What is causing these temp messages to show up in my menu

what is causing these temp things showing up, and more importantly how can I get rid of them. I’m using blender official 2.62, windows 7 home 64 bit

Thanks in advance, not sure what I should do or where to find the temp files if they need to be deleted.

Anybody? Any guesses even?

They are generated when you set Render to New Window. Close the multiple windows that have been generated and the Temp layouts will go away.

Don’t know how these temp scenes got added there, as usually the only way i have scenes added is if i add them myself manually (click on the + button and give the name to the new scene)
Try to select one of those and press the X button (next to the + on the interface), it should delete them

edit : noticing CD38 reply, didn’t knew Render in new window was adding scenes, though it’s strange because if i close the render, the added “temp” scene always disappear too. Maybe those undeleted scenes are the result of some kind of bug if closing the new window do not make them go away ?

They are not scenes, they are window layouts.

Oops, my bad, i was mixing the screen layout and scenes panels

Ok thanks Ill look into that, not sure how it occurred truthfully. What was strange is that they kept getting carried over whenever updating ie 2.61 - to 2.62. For grins I tried setting to factory default and they did go away.