What is causing this?

I can’t seem to figure out. I have exhausted every option imaginable. I hope this community can help me

The stripes, you mean? It’s difficult to answer that without seeing your shader or your model geometry.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm … not entirely sure what the problems are here…

Lop left … it looks like you have a texture effecting roughness? if that’s not what the problem is … could you have something going into a normal map set to sRGB rather than non-color?

Top right… looks like a series of pools of light from lights on the cieling?

Bottom right … don’t see a problem here.

Here is the model

Textures are from Poliigon so I dont think they are the problem. I checked and it is set to non-color.

Top Right You can see that the texture turns darker towards the ceiling. That is not intended it should be the same all the way up.

Bottom, the effect is less visible but you can see that the texture breaks there. Not towards the floor as that is floor skirting but just below the red line

Are your UV maps correct? It seems that you are sharing the same material on the wall and on the ceiling, but the scales don’t seem to be the same for both.

What appearance should the ceiling have?

If you look at the wall you will realize that point you marked is not the only one where the lines appear. There is another line a bit over the middle.

Have you checked for face orientation, maybe you have some flipped normals?

Yep, face orientation is correct

Omg while typing the response I realized it. So basically I scaled the unwrap outside the texture square to get a smaller sized texture. Now I realize, that probably isnt the correct way and the unwrap needs to stay within the square.

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It all depends on what kind of textures you are using. If the textures have been painted on the model, then you can’t rescale the UVs or have them get outside the square. If all your textures are seamless however, then you can and it will work perfectly fine.

In case you have imported the models, I would also suggest checking custom normals data:
It’s a feature that is used mostly to transfer smooth/hard normals between 3D apps and if you import a model, it is likely to have normals data on it, which can mess with the shading.

Thanks for the help.

I am using poliigon textures though so they should be seamless hence why I scaled them that way and didnt think that was the problem