What is: CUDA error at cuCtxCreate: unknown error ??

My GPU is still active, this just randomly happen while I was working. When in the render preview the screen goes black, and I get this error message. Also sometimes the GPU option in the render settings will vanish sometimes, but after restarting the computer it comes back. Anyways any theory’s on how to fix this?

MSI GE72 Apache Pro
Intel Core i7-6700 HQ
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M / 3GB GDDR5
Linux Mint 18

Have the same prob. with NVidia GTX 770 on Intel i7. I get this error after resuming from Standby or from hibernating in Linux Mint Mate 18.1. Rebooting will resolve the problem until the next Standby / Hibernate. Every hint appreciated!

Had same errors on a 17.3 machine. Rolled driver back from 375 to 340 in this case. Thought it had a working intermediate (353? 356?) available before though.