What is CVS and should I be using it?

Hi All,
I see a lot of posts mentioning CVS. I looked it up and discovered it means something like Control Version Source.
This implies an alternate version of Blender exists that is not the official release.
Which version should I be using?
What is the difference/benefit?

Cvs is a more recent version but not an official release: you’ll get new tools which should get into further release, but you’ll also get new bugs (which shouldn’t get into further version :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you want to check out, their are some builds made: www.graphicall.org or www.blenderbuilds.com

CVS= Concurrent Version System. (close but no cheese :D)

You only have to worry about that if you’re a coder.

Or like the above poster, you want to browse what’s being worked on.

It also allows you to download daily snapshots of the source.

The difference is that you can enjoy the latest features. The trade-off is that you may find bugs. You can help the developers by finding these bugs for them.

Be careful though, the cvs-version of Blender may eat your cat, get you kidnapped by aliens that look like Suzanne or steal your girlfriend. Beware!

It also stands for Consumer Value Stores, a retail/pharmacy chain in some parts of the United States. :wink: