What is easier to model ?

What is easier to model ? Architecture, Vehicle or Organic modeling ?

I guess I feel that’s a very loaded question. All can be easy or difficult depending on ones skills and techniques. If sculpting for instances is very intuitive, then organics. If box modeling then perhaps architecture. If subsurf modeling, then vehicle and/or organics. See, each takes a knowledge of topology and technique. To add to that let’s say organic is “easy”, well for some humans are more straightforward then trees. It depends on the artists and the techniques and topologies they’ve studied.

I’m sorry that doesn’t help, but all can be easier or difficult. For me personally, vehicle is the most challenging, probably cause I’ve never tried one to know otherwise nor have I studied the topology to do it nor have I the ambition to make it… Organic is the easiest for me because that is what I’ve studied the most out of the three.

Organic modeling requires some knowledge of anatomy and artistic ability (drawing experience is enormously useful)

vehicle and inorganic modeling has a good side that you can use blueprints to your advantage.

Short answer: whatever has less parts. The one that has less bumps, holes, and innards, ect.

eg: Modeling a cylinder tire: EASY (just a cylinder)
Modeling a tire with traction trenches: MEDIUM(gotta add ridges where it touches the road)
Modeling a tire with modern rims: :HARD (gotta have a series of connecting bridges from front to back, and have to know how to match up the poles so it’ll smooth right.)

The above can be applied to whatever you plan to model and how much detail and TIME you wish to put to it.

So… whatever tree has the less branches (per-se) is easier to model -doesn’t matter what class of model the object falls into. The geometry doesn’t care.

That’s a good point and I agree. I’d extend that just a little to also state it depends on what you want to do with it. For animation or sale topology must be correct, just for a still, you can “cheat” (floating primitives, mesh doesn’t need to always connect up).

Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the animators say “Can we make it a pie, instead of a cake, pies are easier to draw?”

If you hate Architectural and vehicle modelling and love organic modelling, organic modelling will be easier.
If you hate vehicle and organic modelling and love architectural modelling, architectural modelling will be easier.
If you hate architectural and organic modelling and love vehicle modelling, vehicle modelling will be easier.
No-one can answer what you will find easier

Which is longer: a piece of string, a piece of rope, or a piece of cable?

I have the impression that you want to learn modeling and are trying to decide what to start with. My opinion is that it won’t matter: it will probably suck however easy you thought it would be. So will your next model and the one after it. The important thing is not to be disappointed, because it is a normal process you go trough when doing new things, it’s called learning. Also don’t think too much ( for example about the measurements, like in your architecture thread). And if you have the feeling you are stuck and you can’t do it better, start the next project, don’t dwell too long on one subject, it will drag you down.

Have fun!

Yeah, and to Hoverkraft’s point I recommend the Weekend Challenges. Don’t worry about being good or bad, but use it for exercise at drawing various things and working the creative flow. It’s usually a good mix of all the above for modeling. All entries are always welcomed (and it’s lots of fun)!

my take on the topic is the following:
cool = easy
let me explain, it’s basically like Hoverkraft said

The important thing is not to be disappointed

in the beginning the thing that determines wether something is easy or not is your motivation.
You can’t pick an easy way, just a motivating goal.
Find something that you think is cool and then try to recreate it.
I for example thought that softbodies and caustics were really cool, so i started with that. messed around with dynamics in blender and caustics in yafray (horrible outcome btw) with nearly no knowledge of 3d software but i learned a lot on the way.
some people may point you towards beginners tutorials but those can be really hard to do if your not motivated or really helpful if you are.

I wouldn’t say there’s enough of a difference to be able to say one is much harder than another. Modelling a realistic human that is going to be animated is probably hardest.

I think it depends on the way you want to express your artistic idea.

This also depends on the level of detail.

I would say organic modeling requires as mentioned a high amount of attention to detail
and knowledge about anatomy.

Architectural modeling I think is one of the easier one.

However besides the level of detail it is also a question if the tool can deliver the needed

Automotive design is actually very difficult when you are serious about surface quality.
In that respect polygon modeling is not getting you very far since it cannot provide the
same outcome I would be able to do with a NURBS surface modeler.

For example I cannot smooth(Fair) curves and polygon modeling has not ability of
trimming geometry and generating blends, fillets.

If you are not very concerned about it or it might not even be needed clay sculpting
a car and then retopo the geometry can be a very enjoyable task.

This for example can be very handy for car toy design.

The easiest thing to model is what you’ve practiced modeling forever. If you want to be a good modeler, you need to devote the time. There is no easiest…

…easy is when you don’t go the extra distance to make it really good. It takes time to make things seem easy. Even then, it can still be difficult.

architecture can be very easy, if you pick the right subject to model though some buildings can be pretty complex, organic probably has the steepest learning curve espically if you go for something like a realistic human.

well it also depends on what level you want to model.
do you want to build a house the hard way or do you want to model in a parametric way.
Last one is impossible in Blender.

I find that if you post in the correct part of the forum that it automagically becomes easy.

A curved piece is much more difficult than a straight piece. So Architecture is easier than vehicle and vehicle easier than organic.

In organic, monsters are more easy than people. In people, ugly is easier than beauty, and man easier than woman. In beauty stilized is easier than real.

The most difficult thing in 3D is a photorrealistic beautiful woman.

Some modeler are better for modeling organic objects and some are better for hard surface modeling. If your are new to modeling I would start with something simple. Like an apple or a jack-o-lantern. But. Please don’t try something with a allot of detail keep it simple.