What is edge.is_loose for?

Hi all,

I’m interessted in the function of is_loose of a MeshEdge. I want to know what it does.
Here’s the reference.

An example that I really want to understand:

for ed in edges:
                    if ed.is_loose:
                        fw('l %d %d
' % (totverts + ed.vertices[0], totverts + ed.vertices[1]))

its from the mesh_obj exporter.

Does this codesnipped mean that every edge of a mesh is loose?

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A loose vertex is a vertex not used by any edge (and thus no face either), a loose edge is an edge not used by any face.

With the bmesh module, is_loose should be equal to is_wire, but you could also test
len(bm.edges[#].link_faces) == 0

fully answered
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