What is evrybodys favriot word?

hey guys, just wondering, what is everybodys favriout word? it is completely and blaintentley obvious what mine is, what about you though?

mine is in Afrikaans: “Jou ma se poes”
I won’t translate that :slight_smile: It is also the most widely used phrase here in the Cape.

I think “sananas” sounds pretty good. You can translate it “as your word”.

Erm… :expressionless:

nice one ebow, I tend to prefer oops



I like the word “Favorite” for obvious reasons.

By the way, you spelled Favorite wrong :ba:.


i know! somtimes spellings slip from my mind somtimes! its stupid isnt it!

Dude. It’s a great word for every situation.

“YYYYeeaaaaahh mmmaaannnn !!” or “Yeeess I !!”.
It depends of my mood…

This is my favorite in German, Übermorgen.
But in English my favorite is, sickeningly.

But my favorite word changes like weekly so, yeah.

Tough choice between “prolific” and “epic!”

This is going to make me sound terrible, but I like the word “bludgeon.” I just think it’s a funny-sounding word. For a word with a funny definition, check out Tingo.

I must say, iliketosayblah, for someone who starts a thread about words, you sure can’t spell

yea bludgeon is a great one :smiley:

I like Schmuck , sounds like a great brand name for beer for some reason.
Phallic is my #2 favorite, sounds so gentle.

aye no aye cant speell! i ceep Meesing Uup twoday

either “Quoz” because it’s just such an odd word or “daedal” because it kinda rolls off the tongue in a weird way and the actual meaning of the word is really cool.

I love odd obscure words.

We were having a DS conversation this one time and my sister randomly wrote DUNG on the screen. We were laughing for about five minutes.

As for me, I have a variety of favourite words: narf, bulge, spleen, aw snap, and ownulated.