What is EVT_TWEAK_R?

I’ve been watching a blender tutorial video which shows the mouse and keyboard input in the corner.

I’ve reached a part where the video shows some vertices being moved and the input info is listing “EVT_TWEAK_R” as well as right mouse clicks.

What is EVT_TWEAK_R for and how do you do it?

This is the tutorial video in question. The link should go right to the part in question:

I think I could achieve a similar result by setting the transform orientation to “normal” instead of “global” and then just moving the vertices by right clicking and dragging the arrows but I would like to understand how it is being done in the tutorial.

If it makes any difference, I am using Blender v2.72.

“Tweak” is the input event triggered when a mouse button is held and mouse is dragged (e.g. if you select something and drag, you’ll trigger the Grab tool). EVT_TWEAK_R in this case is the right mouse button tweak, so yes, right click drag. Transformation orientation does not matter here because by default Grab tool works in view axes.

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That makes sense, thanks very much :slight_smile: