What is Gimp???

I Saw the headlines on BLendernation and i saw something about blender and GIMP

So i wonder… what is GIMP?

Open source alternative to photoshop. Some people like it, some hate it.

Thats like asking, “what is air?” Wow, lol, just kidding its just free painting tools, can be very helpful, although it takes a little while to learn to use it.

I prefer the Gimpshop build myself.


oh okay^^

so it’s like Adobe Photoshop and Coral Paintshop… just free… Cool

and thanks for answering :cool: :ba:

what is google?

I donnow, sound cool


I donno, sounds khool though

@ hewi & namekuseijin - hey, c’mon, stop it already :stuck_out_tongue:

@Geilarin - well, they say GIMP is the Open-Source Photoshop, but I can’t really compare the two - never used Photoshop.
I actually have a tutorial on using Layers in GIMP, if you’re interested :slight_smile: It’s pretty basic, as I’ve only begun to really understand how the program works…

edit - ah, finally got it

anyway, good luck! :smiley: May the Blending…wait, that doesn’t apply, shoot…well, May the Digital Painting Force be with you then :wink:

Photoshop is actually more powerful then GIMP.

But GIMP I prefer gimp, cause it’s free and gives me enough features.
Waiting for 2.8 now, cause i really want that new GUI they are making.

I didn’t find any sites with Gimp 2.7 builds.
Can anyone point me to the right direction?

Google? mmm I did an Yahoo search:


Dunno which result is accurate though. :confused:

I own photoshop (though the release from 2007) and gimp but I prefer gimp. The version that I have of photoshop is really a mess. Theere are a million buttons and none of them are obvious about what they do. The gui interface on the version I have sucks. But that might jsut be the older version and the newer one might be better. But whatever you do don’t get photoshop elements. It is horrible in my opinion.

GIMP is the closest you get to Photoshop in an open source image program. It is awesome.
Secondly, anyone who doesn’t like Photoshop is crazy. It is freakin’ awesome except it costs a sh!%load of money.
Third, what is air?

Photoshop has lots of snazzy text-morphing options and layer effects, plus non-destructive editing. It also has Pattern Dither, which is a plus or a minus at the user’s discretion.

GIMP, on the other hand, offers plenty of texture-generators and a ton of filters. It also has the all-important Make Seamless filter, which is extremely effective when making texture files for Blender.

Photoshop, as the name implies, is best for editing actual photos. GIMP is better suited to use in conjunction with Blender.

And, of course, GIMP is free. Which is a big plus for anyone.

I’m a big fan of gimp, especially for colouring sketches. It’s worth every byte in your harddrive.

always big with n00bs wanting to impress their bosses with quick design attempts…

plus non-destructive editing

I have that in Gimp the manual way: duplicating a layer and working on it, leaving the backup hidden… :yes:

Photoshop, as the name implies, is best for editing actual photos. GIMP is better suited to use in conjunction with Blender.

Bollocks: Gimp as Photoshop is a general-purpose bitmap editing and drawing/painting program. It’s not mere Blender texture generator.

That said: Photoshop is way more sexy and will get you lots of job offers and women. Too bad most photoshoppers are not that attracted to the latter… :stuck_out_tongue:

GIMP is like Blender.

it’s cool it’s constantly improving, it’s free and it’s close to the proprietary equivalent. And just because of the latter, you need to invest some time to learn and get to know the GUI, obviously. It’s not just a text processing tool.

Point #1: “Better Suited,” I said. I only meant if you wanted to pick one to use alongside Blender, I’d rather GIMP, if only for the Make Seamless filter. That, and it has more texture generators with more options.

Point #2: Pishtosh. Photoshoppers are the most heterosexual of all. They simply have to content themselves with garish photos.

What on earth else is the Liquify filter for?:wink:

What is blender?