What is going on with Featured Row?

I am forced to repeat it, this criterion can be fair only if it has retroactive value.
Those who have been featured in the past are Artists?
Who has his works in the Gallery are Artists too?

I think this is a great idea, and offers an interesting extra award for people who are featured.

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I explicitly mentioned this: “previously featured artists”. Existing members also shouldn’t upvote their own work, of course.

Yes, I’d like to ‘backfill’ this group with everyone who has been on the Featured row since we moved to Discourse. I can’t access older data, not does that add much value - see next point.

These will all be older than 1.5 years and have a high chance of not being active here anymore, so I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

This applies in any case, unless you choose people outside the community to vote.

The fact that some members are no longer active, or that their jobs are dated, should not, however, exclude them from the list of voters, since here it is a criterion for judging whether they are qualified to vote or not.

If they are no longer active, they won’t contribute to the voting process. If they ARE, there’s a high chance they have been featured since we moved to Discourse too. This is an academic discussion - adding close to a thousand artists who have been on the Featured Row will be a huge boost to the quality of the Featured row, which is the goal here. The additional work of adding everyone who has ever been featured during the last 15 years is not justified.

I think that the greater the number of (qualified) voters, the greater the correctness of the final judgment.
What is the harm if some, or many of the voters on the list do not vote because they are no longer active? they however should have the right to do so.

I do not mean to be pedantic, but the rules are important, they give the sense of justice and equanimity of the community.

I think I made it clear: it adds a lot of complexity because we moved from other software., I’m not doing it. Please stop this line of discussion.

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To be honest I think limiting voters to a certain level is a good thing, simply because more voters also means more chance of cheating (like people sending each other messages to vote for them).

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To play devils advocate - A lot of people may sculpt in Zbrush because it’s what they know, and then take it back into blender for re-topology, and do all of the rest of the work. That may involve texturing, rigging, shaders etc…There are some things Blender just isn’t great at, so using third party tools to aid you is fair game.

I think if you honestly limited the forum to 100% blender only projects, you’d end up with less posts, and - I think - lower quality in the posts you do get, because the people that create the high quality posts you want to see, often use third party tools to aid them. Best example would be substance. Blenders texture painting is pretty crap at the moment, and painting in photoshop or gimp onto an unwrapped UV is a very outdated approach these days - although of course some people still do it.

But I do agree with what the origins of the post was about. Downloading a model, and ‘plugging everything in’ shouldn’t warrant a great deal of attention, as it is a simple process, regardless of the things the OP of that thread said.

TLDR; as long as Blender is showcased in some way, and at the very least, rendered in Blender, I don’t see a problem.

Gentlemen, gentlemen! Please!

I personally think @bartv is onto something. I think the inclusion of active featured artists in the voting process is an excellent idea. If the process could be automated, all the better!

I am also in agreement with @bartv that there has to be some cutoff, that 15 years of featured artists in an unreal expectation, especially since we all know there are members here that haven’t been heard from in years, for whatever reason. If the process could be animated…animated!! :laughing:…automated, I would even impose a limit of one-time vote for new featured artists: you go on Featured Row, you can vote once to elect another featured artist. Again, only if this could be automated. Something not unlike the Weekend Challenges: you win the challenge, you call the next subject.

What, do you all think I’ve finished here? Let me hang the laundry and I’ll be back like Arnold! :rofl:

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This would not be easy to automate, but worse: it would very quickly reduce the ‘pool’ of active voters to only a handful - negating our goal of building a larger, active, qualified pool of artists to help us with this.

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@bartv, well then, that’s that. :+1: You know the inner workings of this site and what can be done within the confines, so I leave it to you. I still agree that some time limit must be imposed as years and years of featured artists just (no pun intended) renders the whole process too unwieldy. Sorry, @sourvinos.

To Mr @Metin_Seven, if people would IM each other just to gain a spot on the admittedly-nice-to-be-on-but-not-life-changing Featured Row…wow. Like I replied to @Fweeb, you just gotta question said person’s motivation. Seems like a lot of work for nothing. Then again, these humans…right? :laughing:

To Mr @peter18, I think you (and not only you) have misinterpreted my intentions. I never said all forum posts should 100% Blender, Mr TLDR :rofl:. I advocate no limits on anything one would want to post here. My limitation is not-so-strictly on what can be on Featured Row.

At the risk of yet again being repetitive, I think it’s great that artists post creations made using their entire toolbelt including Blender, and again I realize that rarely is a project created using only one application, regardless of the scope be it a website or a manuscript let alone CGI.

My beef is that being a Blender-centric site, I find it insulting that creations in ZBrush (or whatever other application) are rendered in Blender and accepted as a “Best of Blender”. Okay, “insulting” is a bit strong. But it’s not right that the “heavy lifting” is done in other software. Yeah, yeah, define “heavy lifting” in 3D where it’s all “heavy lifting”. But in my humble opinion modelling/sculpting is the main point. That is where real technique and talent show itself. Retopo is fine as well as it involves strong modelling skills. Materials and texturing can be cribbed quite efficiently just following one of the many YouTube tutorials. I should know, I’ve done it and I look like a hero. Lighting is an art. Almost never do I see posts saying “modelled in app X, rigged in Blender.” But rigging is also an art, as animation of any kind requires a certain talent. Cycles/EEVEE Rendering…well…from I where I stand, that’s F12 and unless your keyboard is three meters long and made of granite, it’s not that hard.

We must eat our own dog food.

Agreeing that we should eat our own dog food, disagreeing somewhat with what that means. IMHO the feature row should be good art that highlights what Blender can do – that includes making scanned models look good! Art photography is art even when it’s “nothing more” than taking a great shot of what’s already there. I’ll vote for a render of the default cube if the lighting, composition, etc, make it compelling for me – that’s art.

That having been said, I usually won’t vote for things that had more than one non-Blender app involved. Sculpting in Z-Brush? Fine. Textures in Substance Painter? Fine. Both? Nope. When I do vote for multi-app work the hot stuff needs to be done in Blender. I recently voted for a vid that had a figure modeled, textured, rigged, and animated in Blender interacting with the artist in a filmed scene. Would feature-worthy criteria that excludes stuff like that be good here? Yeah, we should eat our own dog food, but let’s not shoot ourselves in the paws.

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One suggestion: instead of making a forever increasing list of voters we should aim for active/interested pool.

So either they get to vote for a fixed period from their last featured entry, or may be another option could be that they are removed if not participated in selecting/voting for a certain period (let’s say 6 months)

@KickAir_8P, we are both saying basically the same thing but in different terms. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and once again, I’m not disputing that for a second. Although I know you’re exaggerating to prove a point, I bet if someone rendered out the Default Cube™ you wouldn’t upvote it :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:. As far as your example of the composited animated figure, why wouldn’t I agree? It was created in Blender. Scanned models? Why not?..as long as it’s an original scan and not another Emily (who is still up on Featured Row laughing at all who voted her up there).

After reading the sentiment in this thread by the other members, I’d be willing to consider your assessment of eligibility: no more than one non-Blender app involved…although honestly…existentially it still grates at me.

@rjainv, you are spot on. @bartv, some kind of time limit has to “scripted” otherwise in just a few years it’s going to bite you on the :peach: as the Featured Row artists list will grow about 10-20 new voters per month…and then we’re back to what @sourvinos was talking about earlier. But again, I leave the administration to this site Administrator.