What is going on with my rig??

What is wrong with my rig. Most of it works fine except for the middle right toe and the right arm seems to want to wander freely whenever any part of it gets moved.

I cant figure it out for the life of me, but then this is a first attempt at rigging so troubleshooting is a bit further along in the lesson plan.

what is wrong with my rig.blend (5.4 MB)

Most of it works fine except for the middle right toe
Check the weighting of that toe bone

and the weighting of the middle left toe bone

versus what you’d expect to see for a toe bone

So weights on the toes… makes sense… but what about the right arm? That for the life of me I don’t get what is going on there.

And have i got a bad save or something? i re-weight paint the toes on all the bones and it immediately reverts back to its original state (i.e. lifting the left food and the right middle toe deforms)

How did you build this rig? Some of the bone names suggests you used lots of duplication. The origin of rig is sitting way out to the right and not centered. In edit mode X-Axis Mirror is still turned “on” !? When I moved one of the bone in edit mode this rig brew up!

You need to clean this rig up first. Check all bone names. Put origin at 0, 0, 0. Remove all constraints and redo it. With X-Axis Mirror “on”, moving one side causes mirror movement on the other side. Make shore rig works before parenting to a mesh.