What is going on with this?

Ok, installed 2.48a and set up my default “new” scene. it is just a mesh cube with camera and light, no textures or any thing else that I know of. Fine, I click on new and get a cube in object mode, then when I tab into edit, I get this:

What, if anything does the weird looking face mean? If I delete the cube and add something else there is always a face that shows up like this. If I tab back to object mode and then tab back into edit mode and hit ctrl+z the face is drawn normally until I go back into object mode and back to edit. I am puzzled. It has to be something simple.


There’s nothing wrong, it’s just the active face, or was. It is what was last selected.

They added that to make it a bit easier to work with UV unwrapping when it was merged into Edit Mode.

a had the same problem when i first encountered it. there is documentation now:


Thanx for the replies and link. I thought that I had borked something up. (0300 in the morning and tired when I was doing this) .