What is happening to Blender with 2.8 release ? from everyday user perspective... and more

@uriel, The thread became very long, and those who read only the first message may return to assume wrong things of it if they do not read further clarifications that you did. I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing with the thread open.
I believe that you as a developer of free addons for Blender, you have a valid (and debatable) concern. People like you (not all) might have thought that it was good to make a sacrifice/effort for the common good of the community, to share free resources for all. So if at some point these users like you are no longer the majority, many doubts begin to arise about whether it is worthwhile to continue making efforts/sacrifices for the common good of the community.

3ds Max handles 3 million polygons in edit mode just fine with my gtx 1070.
With 10 Million you get some lag but it is still usable.

Thing is Yafu, I sincerely do beleive that those wanting to provide free resources remain very much at the forefront of the community, I just detest people demonising those who do provide paid addons. If those same people were not sat grabbing every resource they can and not, at the very least, posting thanks to the authors and providers, I may be more tolerant, as I have stats previously though, the stats simply do not back that up.
There will always be those who build addons simply because they like the challenge. The few little pythons cripts I do, truth be told, I could of probably done the work by hand faster. I just thought, “hmm, it would be neat to have this as a script”, and thus I set to work. The time I put in is minimal really and “just for fun”. I share simply because the result was it’s own reward, but if I was working 8 hours a day for a week or two, then yes, I am less likely to give it away for free as it represents a huge commitment on my behalf. That would ever be the case though and one does not negate the other.
I charge for training people, I also provide training for free, it’s not a set in stone thing.
That a team of developers have worked hard to make my life easier, for me, is worth the cost of a couple of magazines. Or for those who smoke, a couple of packets of cigarettes.
When you need a job done, sometimes paying for a resource is the logical thing to do. Why spend ages learning how to model a character and rig it and animate it, when you can get something “off the shelf”?

EDIT: As an addendum, I can say this, of those I have offered free training, none has been willing, at any time, to want to pay for any future training. Of those who have paid however, when I have decided to offer some free training, a few have insisted I should be paid for my time. When I say it’s not necessary, they have been known to turn up with a bottle of my favourite tipple. It’s something I have encountered my whole life, where you can be judged as being “difficult” simply because you are no longer prepared to make someone elses life easier. “You’ve always done it before, why are you making this a problem?”
It’s about how people percieve your work and worth, there are those who take and will insist it’s their right to do so, your failure to give is the issue. Umm, that would be a bucket load of Nope!

Guys don’t warm up too much, I come from the future and I tell you already now that in 2030 the monetary system will become obsolete.
It will be the abundance of automation and cloning that will make the cost of all objects both tangible and intangible close to zero and therefore for those years it will be understood that sharing and collaborating will simply be better …
The meritocracy of the authors will be a sort of currency-reputational value.

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I come from even further in the future (2077) and money doesn’t exist because corporations took over everything. Everyone is born with debt and how much debt depends on where you were born and to who. You work to reduce your debt before you die. Anything you “buy” is an addition to your debt. If you don’t believe me watch the documentary Continuum on Netflix.

what debt, that of pieces of paper that have now become virtual and are not even printed and are generated with a mouse click ??
@apoclypse The Big Short is a nice American film…

the system is already broken, many still find it hard to understand it … but slowly we are understanding it and the reasonableness of the new awake and conscious generations will make the leap.
I say by 2030.

Doesn’t really matter what system is in place. Nothing is free. Not even Blender. Sure, you can use it without paying for a license. But that does not mean that a license was free.

The core people that are creating Blender, adding features and so on, are being paid. The people making the films and pushing Blender to the next level are getting paid. It has always been this way. And there have been paid addons going way back.

And the addon market started to flourish from 2.5 and beyond. It did not start with 2.8

It should not come as any surprise that as Blender improves and as its user base increases that the offerings of paid addons also increases. And that more people should be interested in cashing in on this. The ratio of paid addons to free addons has probably not changed. Though I don’t have a statistic to back this up. Just a guess. But there is no way to look at the increase of paid addons as one stand alone statistic. You have to compare that to efforts to create free features/addons and other contributions.

Another thing that is new is more people are putting money every month into Blender with the Blender cloud.

Overall, apples to apples, the free version of 2.8 is light years ahead of anything that has gone before. And a lot of effort has laid the groundwork for a rapid increase of free features, not just addons, and a much wider user base, due to the perception of there being more “standard conventions”, which is a myth. But it does not matter. Perception is everything. And some people need those “standard convention” features more than others. Especially people coming from other apps. But everyone wants to see and use what comes next - post 2.8. Well almost everyone. Maybe not for those still using 2.49b…lol! But I would say the majority.

Blender has more money for development than ever before. Which results in a better free Blender than ever before.

2.8+ will result in a literal groundswell of Blender use in the years to come. Probably that which will rival even 2.5+

What will that do to the market of 3D software?

Watch and see. But I will put my money on increased competition and all that this brings.


This seems like one of those scenarios where if blender 2.8 was exactly the same as it is, but the paid addons didn’t exist, the OP would be happier.

Our silly brains and their irrational psychology…


There is a definite downside to some paid addons. For example, BoxCutter is so much fun, I’m wasting hours just playing and grinning like an idiot. :wink::joy::crazy_face::crazy_face:


I think that concern here is not warranted. If people who are doing what they do start to doubt about what they do only because others stopped doing, then I think they are simply not interested in what they do, and they should stop.

The reason for their doubts must not be “Oh, so many ppl stopped, I don’t see future anymore, I’m going to stop”. This kind of mentality is not healthy for anybody. What drives people to do things should be of their own interests, desire or the “Prize” they are after. Not peer-cheerfulness.

No matter how many people write free plugins for blender, Blender itself is free, and there will always be people using Blender.

Another point I want to make here is… Blender’s core developers are still working based on outside donations, and Blender itself is free. If these so-called “Free Plugin Advocates” just stop working and claims it is because the rest of the free plugin devs stop contributing, Isn’t that a disrespectful move towards the core developers at BF, who had worked for free to provide us the platform everyone could thrive on?

Thus, I don’t think he needs to have this kind of concerns.

I write plugins only because I’m interested in solving problems and learning, and Blender is the perfect platform for me to learn and solve problems on. That is my drive, not how many other people are on the same boat as me.

People usually involve idealisms with Open Source. And no, this is not just idealism, the reality is that Open Source is selfishness, and to me it is good that this is so:
Linus Torvalds: Linux succeeded thanks to selfishness and trust

So, if most people stop thinking about the common good for everyone to get some benefits by making small sacrifices each, then for me it is a very valid reasoning to stop oneself to contribute to the common good of the community because one has stopped to obtain benefits.
I’m not saying that this should be everyone’s reasoning. I’m just saying it’s a valid reasoning for me.

So when I speak of the “common good”, I do not mean the idealistic definition of it. I refer to the selfish definition where everyone contributes, also hoping to receive something in return.

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I would pre-process those meshes with something like


or if NURBS models, I would use MoI3D as it has an amazing remesher for solids.

I can’t help but feel my ideology aligns with this “selfishness” concept Linus has spoken about.

That being said, with respect, I do have a hard time understanding what you just said. :joy:

I hope it’s not my bad English, I do the best I can. Sorry.

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I’ve heard this concept described as ‘enlightened self-interest’


Do well by doing good!

Sorry if I misunderstood, google translator translates this concept something like: “own interest”
I would call it as smart collaborative interest, where one believes that it is possible to build great/big things among many, with small contributions and individual sacrifices. The selfish part of this is that you expect others to also collaborate with something that you can make use of. It is a valid mentality in the OpenSource, especially in the licenses that are not extremely permissive. Nothing related to that one collaborates because one wants to make a better world or anything like that.
For example, many developers contribute to Blender only because the code is GPL, because its appreciated limitations that this imposes. Not because they want to make a better world or contribute their work for free so that anyone can do what they want:

Sorry, again quoting to “Psy-Fi”.

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Enlightened self interest is a pretty simple concept. It’s not entirely altruistic, you’re not giving up your all to contribute to the whole. Rather, it’s the idea that you contributing to the whole ultimately benefits yourself.

In Blender’s case, it’d be like putting a lot of time and effort into implementing this awesome new feature that everyone can use free of charge. Due to the type of work you’re doing, you have no short term expectations of returns.

That said, though you don’t immediately profit, your effort do end up attracting more talent to the platform, who then go on to implement their own awesome new features which you can now take advantage of. You end up profiting in the long term.


Blender is in a unique situation that it is able to somehow make a program exist, keep it funded and have remain free to use. It is something to be thankful for.

And I also see it as a great thing for young people and people with limited means. It definitely helped me in such a time. And I used the opportunity to improve my situation.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this affects the next generation of young artists coming up.

And regarding motivation. It is no secret that people love to help for the sake of helping others with no thought of anything in return. It is human nature. Most of us do this when and where we can in our lives.

I don’t see that changing. Not matter how many paid addons are made. The more people using Blender will mean more people wanting to contribute, to give back to the community, in whatever way they are able.

At the same time there are people who develop Blender for a living. This has to be so or Blender would die. And a strong healthy addon market is also healthy and a good thing for the Blenderverse.

In my opinion.


God Bless you, Sir. Even I was contemplating such a thing, not sure I’m THAT strong… And I also think my country’s money won’t amount to much in, what is it, the Netherlands?? (and it may not even be possible to transfer there, with our regulations and whatever…). Anyway, as I said, God Bless you. People like you make the world go round :slight_smile: