What is happening to Blender with 2.8 release ? from everyday user perspective... and more

Well, let’s get the basics right about Free (Libre) Open Source Software.

Free refers to freedom, not price. Free as in "free speech, not free as in “free beer”.
It means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

You are allowed to make money from Open Source software and all Open Source software can be used for commercial purposes.
Free Open Source programs are sometimes distributed gratis, and sometimes for a substantial price.

commercial =/= propietary

This is not an opinion, they are facts. Check them out at the Free Sofware Foundation and Open Source Initiative websites.

If a developer choose to sell his/her addons, that doesn’t makes him/her more or less ethical than the one who decided give it for free.
The same goes for education. You are not entitled to other people’s time and decisions. The same way you are free to buy it or not.

Personally, the only problem that some have pointed here and I agree with, is Purchasing Power Parity because that’s a reality between countries. But I know it’s a complicated topic like economics in general and I think this one belongs to another thread.

Meanwhile, thanks to all developers working to make Blender and the community better.


My impression for many of the addons is that they are a side project of an individual who likes to work on it and justifies the time investment by having a small additional income.
For those sort of people, a crowdfunding is clearly not the right model. It might be used for the initial funding, but once it is finished and published, there is continuous ongoing work where they would likely switch over to a paid product. That’s clearly not what you would be aiming for.
Patreon is not often used for a good reason. You need a decently sized project and a significant potential audience to get attention. For most addons, this would feel like a dishonest model to me.


To make it simple it has proven to not work even for good addons. We all dream about a better community helping devs, but hey, 30$ for one year of work and 10k+ downloads is a bit disappointing.
So as long as the “community” spirit doesn’t work in both directions you’ll end up with paid addons as it sadly is the only way to actually make it happen.


If I understand correctly, uriel is accusing blender of providing everything for free to gather numbers and then suddenly putting a price on every addon.

Do you know where addons come from?
Do you use blender for money?
Do you know the story of blender, and why it is open-source?

PS: Don’t say you don’t criticize blender right after doing it. You have moon-logic(google it).

It’s not the BF putting prices on add-ons, but individual developers who sell their work on the Blender Market. The only thing the BF charges for is the Blender Cloud service and much of that is just assets, scenes, and training videos.

It’s not the BF who started the Blender Market either, it is a community run site designed to try to foster the creation of professional-grade plugins and massively expand the software’s ecosystem.


There is also to consider how many of those who use blender succeed in one way or another in monetizing their work.

Most individuals, who are not a studio of more people or a company, can afford to render images or small videos, and most do it as a hobby and not to monetize their work.
And even if there is the will and generosity to support, they simply cannot afford too much.

The situation I believe and hope will change significantly when CAD and precision modeling tools will be implemented in blender. Then people will be able to materialize their work in many ways and in doing so will consequently be able to monetize them, with the construction of new inventions of all kinds. I hypothesize and I very much hope that a new steam-powered machinery 800’s period will return to modern form. I also hope that in one way or another a new age of hardware opensource becomes established (Risc-V derivatives)

This new historical period will be made of sharing works projects that people can 3D print and assemble in their garages or special centers for this type of projects. From electric cars to new-generation appliances to the most varied utilities. I hope there will be no more use of disposable consumption. no more rubbish and pollution, because everything will be considered recyclable as a raw material.
And many trades will return in modern form, because the culture of repairing things will return and no longer this thirty-year period of total waste will come back. I saw a video, from the singularity university, which showed how “in a garage” they were able to build a car in a few days, this by adopting at the design level the smallest number of pieces to be assembled thanks also to 3d printing. This method exponentially reduces costs, lead times and workforce, and we are talking about a whole functioning car.
This is the video. Disrupting An Entire Industry | Jay Rogers | Exponential Manufacturing

Why? There are a couple of addon developers who appear to make good money. So obviously it is for them.

The argument to make open source free and strictly donation/crowd funded only is just as detrimental as the argument to make it solely paid.

To make either of them the case would have a very high impact on the outcome of open source and its nature.

Ultimately however both systems have and will likely continue to exist, which I believe to have a superior outcome to any one in particular.

Developers should be able to release their property in the way that suits them, this is the most liberal option.


Blender daily builds has stack at 18 April’s for windows :frowning:

All this pie in the sky rhetoric about freedom from capitalism is just that. We live in the real world. In the real world money exists and it can be used to buy things. We need to buy things to survive. Therefore you sell services (job), or sell something to make money (commerce).

I’m surprised this thread is still going. The FOSS has no issue with people making money on software, the GPL has no issues with it, Stallman has no issue with it. But Blender users have issues with it and they seem to know more about what the “spirit of OSS” than Stallman? Yeah I don’t think so.

So this thread is basically going in circles now. With nothing of real value being added to it other than people writing long nonsensical diatribes about some idealistic future where humans all of sudden decide that money doesn’t exist (never going to happen) and that the need of it doesn’t make the world go round.

So to summarize:

  1. The “spirit of OSS” is bunk or has been misinterpreted. To be frank its been misused to justify people claiming that everything in an OSS project should be free.

  2. The FOSS (the authority at least in respect to the GPL) has no issues with the selling of software as long as the code is accessible.

  3. Developers have tried other means to get compensation for their work, and people have shown that they would rather not pay when given the choice. Developers still need the resources (money) to continue supporting their tools. The marketplace gives them those resources.

Do I have everything?


I’d imagine it’s due to Easter holidays.


Sorry to interrupt. Just out of interest, does anyone know what the relation is between the number of people contributing to the development fund and the fund itself? It seems the monthly budget is on a slight decrease for the past few weeks where as the number of people joining is going up. Is that because of the one month free cloud subscription thing? Not sure of cloud subscriptions and the fund are connected.

Nope. Separate things.

This thread derailed so badly that the train got wrecked… :neutral_face:

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I don’t like that is says comments were flagged by the community, when the community was flagged by a moderator.
Other than that, I would have locked the thread after this post: What is happening to Blender with 2.8 release ? from everyday user perspective... and more

It’s also not how prices work. Prices are expected to produce a return covering at the very least the expenses during development and usually a profit on top of that.

People always talk about how in some areas people can’t afford something, and so prices should be lowered to accommodate them accordingly.
But this is a two way street. What about devs in the west who have much higher living expenses? This is what the prices are based on. They should be at least. In addition, the prices of my products went up, as I put more work into them. The additional value provided as a result of additional work is reflected in the price.
For addons there are also additional expenses due to ongoing support requests, which you basically don’t have when you sell art or tutorials, not to the same degree. This is also priced in accordingly.

And yet, Blender addons are still amazingly cheap for the value they provide. They should in fact be priced higher to allow more people to generate an income from this. I’d guess around 10 people in the entire Blender community can actually make a living from addon sales at this point in time.

I can’t set region based prices, but what customers can do is get in early, when a product is fresh on the market and still priced relatively low. Because what essentially all addon devs do - as far as I can tell - is provide free updates for life. Where else do you get that?


It was flagged by the community. I just approved the flags.

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If you wish to continue the discussion about the commercialisation of blender, please go Here. I wish for this thread to go back to its roots.


Maya is trial trial software, my funds on disability would never allow me to make such expenditures, sorry I didn’t elaborate on that.

I"ve been hanging in there , checking everyday with Blender but completely get why its taking a bit.

Sad- whats the term, money makes the world go around blah- a cute video I could post here but its the wrong thread , prob. for any forum, but SO apt ( youtube resource based economy TED talk).

  • Having said that and btw its a crazy cute video, NOT long , very nice intelligent lady, but anyhoo>>not here for that, but you noted the money part of addons so my mind said, hey so apt.

OLd post I know, but I wanted to chime in, when you say 2.79 working like a charm, it doesn’t for me, and while I don’t have a powerhousem 2.79 has never ‘handled’ my project , early on, VVVVERY early on like 2 yrs ago, ya it did LOL, but now, a joke.

No offense, blender rocks , without it many of us would be OUT of luck so shout outs !
Just that until I update my system my GPU ( i5-3570 and gtx 950 2gb) and my lousy 8gb ddr3 ram , no 3d app is real happy, the one actually the is still doing great is autodesks meshmixer, my 3d app savior.

My 2.3 mil tri mesh in blender , even now is SOLD in object mode, actually decent in rotating with all verts on on edit mode, simple enough–but I can’t even edit move, whatever, one single vert, face or anything.

Is that to be expected in current 2.8 , and are the perf. improvements going to fix that , or will it be a combo ofnew blender and new gtx–if so how high do I need to go between c and gpu for now and future safety :wink:

I know I need to upgrade, UE4 project is getting really heady after 1.5 yrs of constant work so ya its time,past time.

Until such time as * occurs and it will, I’m positive at least in some form, that blender will be better for it as will all.

When I read your post about addons going $ before 2.8 release, I felt…hm

Well welcome to $,there is NO way to respond to your post, without mentioning it , bravo to you as a MOD for having the guts to GO there wow and ya…

Whoever said , good for them as they’re RIGHT, now, with my mesh at 2.3m tri ,I can’t edit it ANYwhere actually EXCEpt meshmixer,no MM has no vertice capability but it does nearly everything else, its one heck of a piece of software, free ( atm anyway) , from Autodesk.

THank GOD for it, I"ve used it for 2 yrs or so ,it got me here…so proud of what I’m doing …I"ll share later but for obvious reasons can’t, won’t right now. Apologies in advance, don’t worry its nothing like what many talented souls have posted here, but in its own way, it is and then some.

Back to here –
" is that the way that everybody want to go ? because for the price, you can get a commercial app with similar tools included !!! so, i wondering what is the point ! "

I"ve seen THAT coming for a very very long time…I fault no one as I get the current climate of $, I’ll say nothing more–but ya, and HUGE thanks to you for adding to the awesome the blender dev & other commnity is, and ya your point is taken really well, I"m actually sorry at my core you had to write that-= its not fair-is what it is , but if I could offer a hug, I would–I think we all need one, often these days :wink:

Moving on, I can’t even use 2.79 , stopped doing that long time ago for obvious reasons, 2.8 IS better, but ya whoever said that, ‘atm’, till I figure out a workaround, no app atm can handle it.

No, pls don’t anyone suggest just decimate the heck out of it, normally one would, but I"d lose too much detail, maybe when I get time I’ll try to reduce via making normal and merging…sorry brainfart don’t recal what that is ‘called’,but maybe—don’t hold out a LOT of hope for that, its imperfect depending on need…but I’ll prob. ‘try’ :wink:

So , we’re all in this together in his $istic world aren’t we ( I"ll post my non profit .org in another forum which aims to ADDRESS this ) , I know I need a new brute of a system, and actually I’m working on it but on disability income its …well ya know, I’m very happy, just a few things challenging me, but where I want to be , not in a wheel chair so don’t sweat it anyone please…skipping past that quickly, I love using blender, meshmixer really is the only thing left that can handle what I do as I KNOW full well I must reduce or die on the vine of my tri’s LOL .

HEck , we’re even limited here to # of replies, I’m not entirely sure that’s fair given I"m not a terrorist or anything weird like that but I get it, we all suffer for the few troublemakers,plus I’ve not posted here for a whlie, so busy…always :)–moving on again–EDIT time I guess!!

TY FB, you’re amazing, appreciate you!
be well bud
over andout

I don’t use Blender for commercial projects…just fun stuff, e.g. audio visualizers,
soft bodies, liquid sims, etc.

I haven’t really spent much time with 2.8 betas, so think I’ll just stay
with 2.79b, and use the addons I have already.

It will do me fine. :wink: