What is Hysteresis Override?

Can anyone please explain to me what is “Hysteresis Override” in LOD system?

LOD distance values exchange meshes at a relatively smooth rate. Sometimes you wish to not have smooth transitions. Hysteresis override is the blending factor for between those objects, whether smooth or hasty transitions, you can choose.

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It is to avoid continuous popping when you are close to limit where the LoD changes.
For example: You have the Lod at 10 units. If you move a lot time between 9.5 and 10.5 units the LoD is changing all the time but if you use a hysteresis of 10 % then you will have:

  • When you reach 10 units the the object (LoD1) will change to LoD2. Then you go until 11 or 12 units and after you go back to 10 units. In that case the LoD changin point is not 10 units as before but 10 units minus 10% of 10 units (1 unit) = 9 units
    This way, we avoid continuos popping at 10 units.

similar to the ‘reset distance’ on near sensor - but in 2 directions