What is , it can be!

You even complete reading or stop!

so your now on BA or making some other thing on the Computer, Than COMES that funny feeling than that feeling is no more funny, you start to sweating just like that, your hire comes up, There is, Some one…Some one on your back looking at you!
… if you did not find some one than, it can be next of that door your looking at right now !, … some one is with you, LOOK…LOOK under your desk!..

… there are more than thus spots but one more,
There is Eyes on your… wind looking at you as you read this!

O-right I stop here… now you can be cool!

Um, no. The voices tell me I’m not under surveillance at the moment.

Are you trying to make me paranoid? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not working, sorry.

Oh, btw: Are you persian? I have a hunch that you are.

Hi there! Are you bored? Insane? Lonely? Do you want to type something, but you don’t know what to type? Well have I got some great news for you! Come to the BA.org forums and you can type whatever pops into your head!

Worried that what you just typed doesn’t make any sense at all? DON’T WORRY! No one gives a shit! Your posts will always get a number of replies, and you’ll feel great that you were able to add a little something to the community, even if it was pointless. The people at BA respect and encourage your inane rambling by playing along! Just listen to some of our happy clients!

That’s right, some guy! No one will ever tell you what a retard you are at BA, even if you post the most retarded crap you can think up. And if you act now, you can post REAL SPAM! Advertise for other sites, and chances are the people at BA won’t even know it’s an underhanded advertising scheme. They’ll just pat you on the back and ask you if you like Blender. It doesn’t even need to be your own site!

So come board the BA crazy-train! They don’t care if they’re the laughing stock of the internet!

@ 4Daniel, no, But I think it work on you one way or another. XD

@ Squiggly_P , Thanks Dude, I did not think of that!.. words of wisdom (really) also it some what funny to me.

If we did not get the time do some fun on the net/forums than whats good of the net anyway of course no making a problem or SPAM Etc

and yes, BA is a Hot-spot, what BA can do without us and what BA will be without us, Long Live BA!

I’ve thought a few times that maybe the off-topic chat should be split into 2 forums…

Rampant gibberish forum: For all the rampant gibberish and bullsh*t that people pollute the other forums with. No confusion. If it’s rampant gibberish then here’s the place for it.

Off-topic chat forum: Yes!! There are things that people can chat about that aren’t related to computer graphics and that aren’t complete gibbersh either.

Are you… Insane?

NO! None of me am. :evilgrin:

Edit… Just wondering if people are mis-reading “Off topic chat” as “Lost the plot”? :confused:

… Just wondering if people are mis-reading “Off topic chat” as “Lost the plot”? :confused:
Some People get there Mind lost, I got my fuses Deep Burner !

FunkyWyrm, just one question, why your reading this bll-sht (if it is) any way? Ahahah XD LOL you also got the time to reply!

But, I agree with you FunkyWyrm on something.

Mods, Did I do something wrong, no hard feeling just say it, shot it to me i can take it.!

I think you did not sleep last night Do-to my topic!http://kendhin.890m.com/emoticon/ngakak.gif

Sorry if I caused any offence. Just re-read my post and it seems really confrontational, this wasn’t my intent.

I agree that forum fun is a good thing. It keeps things friendly when they could otherwise get serious and boring. :slight_smile:

I guess what I was trying to say (but failed through lack of sleep) is it’s interesting to get a glimpse into the heads of other 3d artists, but some things are real junk (not your post, in my opinion ;)). It’s a shame that all the junk gets dumped in with all the other stuff that’s actually interesting in the same place called “Off topic chat”.

Anyway… No offence was intended, i hope not too much was caused.


@ FunkyWyrm , Peace Dude!

but some things are real junk (not your post, in my opinion ;)).

I believe you! ^^

offence you say, People are with different Thought , understanding Etc as you may know, So no problem Dude as long we don’t start Shooting F Bombs one to another, you know what I mean…

funny, this thread is missing something…

You know society is a cult, so who cares what society things.