What is keeping the manual so long?

Why is the manual keeping so long in getting to the big book retailers ? The second print is supposed to have started weeks ago and still nobody seems to have any idea when they will be available generally.

Or is it the plan to sell it only in the Blender shop ? If that is the case then they might have to extend the methods of payment (like direct acceptance of credit cards) because i refuse to use pay pal as they have screwed a couple of my friends in the past.

I ordred my ages ago from amazon.co.uk and still not even a definate date for when it might be available :frowning: I used amazon because i trust them and they have always been reliable in the past.

Well the second printing has just been completed. Check out:

So I would guess however long it takes them to get the second edition to retailers. Probably a week or two. (Maybe less - I’m just guessing).

Barnes & Noble originally listed a date of May 28th. When there were delays with the 2nd printing, the date was changed to June 28th.

It looks like B&N defaults to the 28th of the month when a book is expected. Amazon defaults to the 5th of the month or somewhere near the first.

I’m guessing, but I would say that accepting credit cards from many different countries would put an extra burden on Blender.org.