what is legal and what is Not :P

hi all, i am new to the forum but not to BLENDER :smiley:

so my questions are

  • is it legal to sell .blender file e.g. 3D models
  • what type of 3D models are legal to sell e.g. car, famous antique (midwinter). now i gesting that you can not rip off a car but what can you do, but does this apply the same for antiques ???

why I am asking is because I am want to make model to help other at a very low cost (not like some website :D) and plus I have a very big access to antiques :p.

any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

is it legal to sell .blender file e.g. 3D models
Of course it is

thanks mate, I did not think they would be a problem with than, its just no.2 I am getting confused about :s

I would say it is legal to sell anything you have made. I would beware if you are taking large portions of your models off sites like blendswap.com, but otherwise you should be fineโ€ฆ Good luck! :slight_smile:

mmm thank you, I think I will need to do more research :stuck_out_tongue: