What is Love ?

What is Love ??
Give a Definition (from your own perspective) , …

isn’t it a cool feeling ?

love is when you can be with a girl, and sex isnt the most important aspect of the relationship lol

i define love as square root of -1

love is… i love sex. that counts.

Njrotc- Lmfao

Love is the ability to be yourself around a person.

Not sure I can define ‘love’ by myself, there is a book which a whole section of it seems to be a literal encyclopedia of the meanings of the word ‘love’

Guess what that book is?

It’s the givin’ that counts and that you donnae expect anythin’ in return. For example, I jest give n’ give to me cat, and she takes and takes. And she be makin’ a mess of things like leavin’ fur and drool marks on me laptop. But she gives in her own way and I could nae ask for more.

so what exactly does she give u :O?

also love is =


(appears a blue screen for a while,and the computer turns off,and it’s impossible to turn it on,“what a waste”- CJ )

EDIT: Oh,here’s a python script that defines love (use it on IDLE)

import random

love = random.randint(0, 9999)
print “Love is”, love

I hope you like the script

when…someone walks into your life…and you get the feeling of like melting…and your legs turn to jello…

all you can do is dream and think about this person

yeah…well i mean thats what iv been told…i dont really love anyone.

@ Cyborg Dragon: Is it ‘The 120 days of Sodom’ by the Marquis de Sade?

“Love is a device created by bank managers to make you overdrawn.” - Red Dwarf, Rimmer



You’ll love it


I lol’d

love is an instinctive drive for propagating your genetics and protecting your tribe but people are taught to dress the concept in fancy clothes and claim its something magical. It is fun when not taken very seriously.

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.

What is love? love? love?

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.


I think love is a feeling, an emotion, a deep caring, an understanding (maybe), an action, a thought, and the greatest gift anyone can ever give or receive.

Obviously you not a cat - person like yours truly. Nev mind - one day a stray will follow ye home and ye will know. I’m not a cat person mind you - jest that this cat adopted me and well what kin I say ?

I think I read somewhere that “Love is giving someone the knowledge/power to completely destroy you, and trusting them not to.”


love is…what you want it to be

try looking it up in the dictionary lol