What is lowpoly, highpoly?

When we do not mention the target, does the word ‘lowpoly’ have any significant meaning?
If so, which general targets are there to relate polycount to?

With target I mean: end usage.

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Hmmm… from top of my head, hope i understand your question…

while nothing defined, lowpoly term is used to name a visual style where materialized forms&shapes are predominantly illustrated - defined/stylized to resemble ideal shapes… without relevance to technical specs, mainly just reminiscent of old school game art… even if highpoly count meshes are present in the 3D scene or only 2D graphics are used (ie. cubism nowadays would be part of lowpoly style art)

On target, specific definitions are defined in DCC expertize area (jargon)…

Would be nice to tackle modern linguistics… since many words do change the experience of life and it’s comprehension, understanding…
hope someone could expand on the topic.

i would say the cross over is in the 10,000 area.

but i think the main thing is regarding intent. high poly is going to be designed around beveling and subsurfing. while low poly aims to fill the gaps with baking or textures, made from mostly triangles.

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