what is "make human"?? what are those guys doing?

i see this thing often , what is that???

Do the almighty search… you will find it.


what?? tell me plz.


"MakeHuman© is an open-source, open graphics library, stand-alone, multi-platform, software program, which is completely written in C language. Its purpose is to provide a versatile, professional and extremely specialized application for parametrical modeling of three-dimensional humanoid characters. "

I went to Google and typed “make human” without the quotes. It was the first result. Google is your friend.

ya that was the site i found, but i just cant figure out what thos picture is doing, my english is pretty pool man, dont blem me!


It gives you a basic human mesh. Then you can choose if you want male or female. Then you can change different parts of the mesh (morph targets) for example, you choose the nose and you can enter values to make it longer, wider, bigger etc. You can do the same for the ears, lips, eyes, arms, stomach etc etc until you change the whole BaseMesh into the human that you want, then save it, import it into Blender, add Materials, Textures, Armature, IPO’s, Alchohol, Tobacco and you can have a party with your computer.


that sound very interesting, thans :smiley: