what is mancandy?

I’m browsing through the blender store for a good tutorial on rigging and animating and I come across “mancandy” which evidently sounds like some sort of standalone app from the sounds of it but since I wasnt sure I thought I’d ask on here. What is mancandy exactly?

Also, could anybody recommend some good tutorials on rigging and character animation in blender?

I appreciate it, thanks.

Hi , and welcome !

Mancandy is a free very “complex” and good rig for blender, to use inside blender.
It was made and still is being improved by bassam kurdaly.

You can download mancandy here: http://freefactory.org

The dvd shows you how to animate mancandy, how to use all his controls for animating.
It also shows you how to do his arms , legs and so on.

I havent bought it, and i dont know if it is the best training for rigging.

You should check this :



Hope it helps ;D

Mancandy is Bassam’s character. He’s orange, and he has some very sophisticated rigging. The Mancandy FAQ you saw in the Blender e-shop is a series of DVDs explaining the making of and the use of Mancandy.

You can download the latest version here:

ManCandy is a rig by Bassam Kurdali. http://freefactory.org/ The new download link should be the first or second post.
ManCandy FAQ, what you saw in the EShop, is the tutorial DVD Bassam did. It covers rigging and character animation.

Edit: I was beat

I have the DVD mancandy my self. It’s a DVD with Tutorials how to animate the Mancandy.
so just the animation. Not the making of the actual mancandy.

As a beginner I liked it alot! but don’t expect thad you can make a caracter after buying this DVD. just animate them. (walking, face expresion etc.)

hope I helped you out.


You can download the Mancandy FAQ for free (it’s under the CC license I believe.) I found it very helpful for learning advanced rigging and some basic animation. It shows you how his fingers and legs were rigged, and steps you through making a walk cycle (no pun intended.) I would definitely recommend it!

And you can also buy it , and help the blender foundation.