What is meant by 'setting UV texture coords'?

In the extractor document, it says that if I want my textures to show up, I have to set UV texture coords. I’m not entirely sure what is meant by this. I tried using stick, but that didn’t do anything.

If you look at the first post of this forum, you’ll find a link to a very big tutorial list. Then, by search that list of the keyword UV, this is the first link you will find, and it’s quite appropriate.


I’ve been through several tuts. I have tried setting material to UV, sticky, UV mapping a texture, setting material to tex face in both edit and material buttons. Various things. I’m still looking.

Extractors texturing is incomplete. It never showed up for me either.

It does add the UV coords, though the image is never assigned. Your best bet is to manually edit the XML files, post in the yafray forum where all yafray stuff should be posted, or use a contemporary version of yable-x that works with 2.28a.

Ahhh. Very well, I shall do that. Thanks.

The new version of Extractor supports UV textures without the external XML files BUT the shaders that it uses are only available in the preview code of the new version of Yafray (at least thats what I hear). When the new version of Yafray is released, this problem will (hopefully) be a thing of the past. Good luck!


Ah! sounds great. Maybe I will just sit tight until the next release of Yafray. Thanks.