What is name of key to set cursor on timeline?

(GarromOrcShaman) #1

I’m doing some personalization to blender and now I’m on controls. I move camera in fly mode by holding RMB and select things with LMB. Problem is that now I move timeline cursor with RMB instead of LMB how I’m used to. I also disabled RMB moving 3D cursor because I’m not using 3D cursor anyway. As you know, Blender have dozens of keys, it literally have key for everything. When I’m in settings on input tab, what is name of key moving the timeline cursor ? I was unable to find it. Some names are rather unclear. If there is not any, can I make timeline use “opposite” mouse button ?

By the way, LMB is left mouse button and RMB is right one. Just if you are not familiar with those shortcuts.

(Pixelfox) #2

I’m not sure it’s possible to switch the left/right mouse button for dragging in the timeline right now (it may be hard-coded in the program). Multiple people have asked for this since the change to left-click-select as default, but I don’t recall anyone having a solution yet.

(GarromOrcShaman) #3

Too bad. You said that I’m not first one who seek solution to this problems. Usually, when group of people are annoyed by something, someone pull out solution in form of plugin or addon. Great example can be plugin that disables “are you still here ?” message on youtube.I’m sure someone created plugin to address this timeline problem, I just can’t find it. Quite possible I’m using wrong keywords. Do you know about something by any chance ?

(GarromOrcShaman) #4

GODDAMN, I’M GENIUS. Alright, I succeed ! I’ll tell you how I done it. There is no key to move timeline cursor but there is key for everything else. I literally took it from opposite end.

  1. Open settings, go to input tab
  2. Set select to RMB. Now timeline works correctly. Let’s fix selecting now
  3. Set search mode from “name” to “key-bind” (drop-down is left to search bar on input tab of settings)
  4. Search for “select”
  5. There are lot of buttons using “select” mouse button
    Note : Select is not real button, it refers to mouse button what was set as select button. We did set it to RMB in step 2 but we want to select things with LMB, right ? Setting it to RMB is required to move timeline cursor with LMB.
  6. Rebind all “select” buttons to “left” button. There are lot of them so it may take a while.

You are done ! Works fine for me.