What is object nodes planed to be?

I read through the proposal today again at : https://download.blender.org/institute/nodes-design/

Modifier and constraint nodes make sense as this simple operations to chain a modifier to the mesh data of objects.

Will this system also be able to do generative design such as Grasshopper inspired add-ons in Blender such as Animate All Node or Sverchok?

for now not. but i see how to insert exact part - lists paradigm with minimum disorder added. Not generators, but we can hang on ready system own sverchok tools. as addon to nodes of blender. Or if folks developers go against it, we will keep as it is separated node tree with interacting to Blender nodes

I would expect it to be the case. Once modifiers are ported over to the nodal system, I can’t imagine some cool low level nodes not making their way into the system, and maybe regular modeling operators too.


Personally modifier notes would be a blessing !!!

I tried few times Sverchock and such but you really need to know how they work to be able to use it.
Not that they are bad it is just a complicated matter to do well if you do not use it a lot.

I like the substance style, you have access to the very low level function of the software, but at the same time you can work daily with presets groups.