What is on this model?!?

Hello all,

I found a model of a lotus flower (I believe on blendswap) that has this odd pattern on it that I can’t figure out how to remove. I don’t see any materials or textures, I tried recalculating normals, looked for a noise/bump pattern…I give up, what is on this model and how do I remove it?


bad_petal.blend (918.5 KB)

Context-> Normals-> Untick Auto Smooth to get rid of like bump effect

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Thank yo very much anaho! Being relatively new to Blender I could not find where you are specifically talking about, however I did find how to remove it trying to follow your directions. For my sanity, can you please explain exactly how to get to the area you are talking about?

i.e. do you have to be in edit mode, are you right clicking while in vertex selection, what menu area are you starting from, etc.? Sorry for the seemingly dumb question, but there are so many different areas to look, and I couldn’t find your specific area.

Thank you, and here is where I ended up that removed it:

I never knew the command that you used before so I guess i also leaned something :slight_smile:
The one I was talking about can be found here when you have the object select (Object mode):

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Ahhh, thank you very much for the screen cap!!! I can assure you I would have NEVER looked there hah hah. I am familiar with that area when creating vertex groups, weight painting etc, but never noticed that Normals-Auto Smooth check box!

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated anaho!

Glad I could help.