What is one thing you wish you knew when you started using Blender?

This is just an open question for all to share your experiences and growth on Blender, as well as tips for beginners or those who would like to improve their skills (I am one of these people) :wink:.

That learning shortcuts will make your workflow much faster

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Block things out first. Start with the overall shapes, then progressively add more details. It’s much easier to add details to an existing shape than it is to change the shape of something that is fully detailed.

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Agree with both Toby and Sterling!

For myself, Hmm… Don’t spend too much time on one project? I would work on a single character for months sometimes when it would probably have been better to start fresh on that character or start something new.

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I wish I had the mindset of Rome wasn’t built over night. When I finished my first class project, a low car slightly resembling a 1967 Shelby GT500, I started spending my spare time poking around blender. I found the game engine and instantly started to think of games I would make (great big things outside of my skill level). I obviously never got there for a long time or else I wouldn’t be talking about it. What kept me from getting there was my inability to stay on one project, my unwillingness to seek help/ look at instructions, and a simple lack of patience. For years I would start a project over when I hit a hurtle that I chose not to over come. I first found the game engine 5 years ago, I’m just now starting to make a relatively big game. If I had just been willing to learn the necessities and basics before diving in head first, I could have been much further along in skill than I am now.


  • Don’t feel like you have to learn everything on you own, ask people for help (like the awesome people on this forum).
  • If you don’t have to invent the wheel, ask your self why should you? I say should because there’s more than one way of doing something, some of which might be better.
  • Learn the tools you know you’ll need before tackling your project, any problems you might meet later on you can solve as you find them.
  • try not to judge your early works by comparing them to some one else’s, compare them to your own standards.
  • DON’T LOSE FAITH IN YOUR CAPABILITIES! Everyone had to start somewhere, no one is born with heightened skills.

Thank you everyone for your input!!! It’s truly helpful to see what other people have learned. I hope we can all continue to improve our skills and help others improve theirs! :two_hearts:

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