What is pose mode and why use it?

(soletread) #1

What advantages are there of using pose mode over the traditional IPO system? I have noticed that only armatures with bones as handles can be used in pose mode and not an armature where you use empties as handles…

Is it just a repository for different poses that you can then copy onto the IPO window, like a pose library?

Or is it something that would be used to replace the traditional IPO animation?

If I use an armature with empties as handles, can I do the posing in the conventional way, then select the armature, switch to pose mode, select all and then do an I-Key to insert into the action window. Would this be of any use?


(theeth) #2

Are you talking about the Action window or do you really mean pose mode for Armatures?

Action window: Unlike the IPO window, this view only shows the keyframes, not the actual curves or even values. Also, the Action window enables you to edit the keyframes for all to bones of an Armature at once, thus giving you the option of moving, copying and editing in time a whole skeleton pose at once.

Pose mode: this is the only mode where you can animate Armatures, rotate, move and resize the bones in an animation purpose. Edit mode is only used to actually position the default starting pose of the bones, you cannot animate an armature in Edit mode.


(soletread) #3

Ok thanks, understood.

One last question:

Why use pose mode over moving armatures with empties in object mode?

Is the latter method actually incorrect, although it still works?


(theeth) #4

using Empties is no incorrect, but it is more appropriate to use other bones when doing constraints for an Armature since they can then all be edited at once in the Action window. Also, using bones will make that motion NLA compatible.


(soletread) #5

Thanks, I think its just a matter of being lazy and not wanting to convert my skeleton to the proper system… :smiley:

Thanks for the motivation, now I have a better rig…