What is RNA?

I’m asking in off topic because I don’t know whether it’s a general API or something created for Blender. I noticed it on some pages talking about the 2.5 release, but a search of the forums turned up nothing and Google just turned up pages upon pages of information on ribonucleic acid.

Given that the average Blender user won’t have access to a computer that utilizes ribonucleic acid I’m led to suspect that it’s something else.

It’s the interface building code that works…somehow.

Or maybe the auto-generating api wrapper around the interface building code that is even more confusing.

I think I read they came up with the name since they already used DNA.

Who knows, I think it’s really a social Darwinism coding experiment to keep blender development under the cathedral model based around the Blender Foundation instead of the bazaar model where the best new features fight it out in the ‘open market’.

I kid, I kid…git would be nice though…

Ribonucleic acid is a biologically important type of molecule that consists of a long chain of nucleotide units. Each nucleotide consists of a nitrogenous base, a ribose sugar, and a phosphate. RNA is very similar to DNA, but differs in a few important structural details: in the cell, RNA is usually single-stranded, while DNA is usually double-stranded; RNA nucleotides contain ribose while DNA contains deoxyribose; and RNA has the base uracil rather than thymine that is present in DNA.

Blender’s RNA also has made it possible for the new Animato animation system where you can animate everything among other things.

Look at the RNA viewer in the outliner. That’s what RNA is: a method to define and access properties.



The DNA/RNA metaphor has been in use Blender code from the beginning : http://www.blender.org/development/architecture/ (read towards the bottom of the page) …

Now I see. Thanks everyone.

And a special thanks to Schnitzel, because while I knew RNA in this case wasn’t the biological term, it did get me trying to remember what RNA is but I couldn’t recall my biology class and I got too wrapped up in other things to look it up.

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Mmm… I think only guys have RNA’s


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