What is shortcut to toggle between current mode and Render Preview mode in 2.80?

There’s a panel at the top right which takes us to various modes, like Wireframe, Solid, LookDev, Render Preview.


In < 2.80, there was a shortcut to toggle between current & render preview mode (Shift+z). In 2.80 it’s gone (it sort of behaves the same, but switches between wireframe to current mode).

Is there any shortcut I can switch back and forth render mode, like in Blender 2.79? Can I override current settings so instead of wireframe mode, it goes to render preview mode?

Hold the Z key, and a small menu will pop up. Rendered mode will be the top option. Just mouse over it and release the Z key. You can also choose any of the other view modes, as you can see here:


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Z followed by 9

It’s hard to keep both hand on the keyboard. Kinda anti-workflow. :sweat_smile: