what is .slt or .slc in 3D format?

On net I found this text

Description: We are currently in the market for several 3D artists who can creatte solid watertight models of characters (fantasy and sci-fi). These are to be very high res, using as much detail as possible with absolutely no textures. The final files should be saved in .stl or .slc format and still retain a smooth, life-like appearance.
The link of this page is here
I don’t know what these formats are?
can any one please tell me.

Might be a CAD package:-±salt±lake±city±st±louis&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=14&gl=uk&client=firefox


Yes, those are for CAD use. They are planning to use a 3d printer or milling machine to produce real versions of the models.

Perhaps Solidworks or Rhino, then ?

STL stereolithography is a 3D CAD format used for CAM and 3D printing


you can search out most extensions here.