What is that?Cartoon monster

So I’m starting my new project with the following ( kinda) concept.

A little sculpt to start:

And a hand ( sculptris and then imported into blender)

Sooo, retopo is finished, let’s move to something else.

A quick render just to test the overall looks.

Eyes are on the way!

Thats funny concept. Keep it coming. :slight_smile:

I like the little monster. Looking forward to more.

This is a very cool monster! I like it!

Do you want to animate him/her? Or do you want to make a still?

Thanks for all the compliments!
Making a little animation would be great, but i would like to improve my rigging/ animating skills first . Gotta look for some advanced tutorials

So, after finishing the rigging, I took a little break form the main character just to think a bit about the texturing. Meanwhile, I started modelling some props, like this one:

Nice. I particularly like the TV; has character.