What is the add to selection( shift+LMB )called in the keymap?

I only have one hand so pressing the shift key when adding to selection is impossible but i cant find the function is called in the keymap to try and change i,t could anyone help me find it?

Afaik that is not possible.
2 soltutions that may work for you:

  • enable the key lock function in windows 10, so you can press the shift key for some seconds and it fix the keypress
  • if you have an more button mouse lay one mouse button on the shift key

i thanks for your reply.ve tried setting up windows sticky keys but they don’t work with blender. ill need to find the function in the key map to set up the mouse won’t I

I would try to get a mouse with more buttons, such mouse comes with special drivers and you can put keys on the extra mousebuttons. That should work with blender.
With that you could use it for other apps to.