what is the best 2D

Hi every one, (I did not know what form to put this in so feel free to move it:o ) but I was playing around with blender’s game engine and having fun, but now I want to try my hand at 2D game engines, (just for fun there is no way I will every stop using blender:yes: ) so can some one help me find a free 2D game engine that is good quality like blender:D :smiley: :smiley: .
Thank you so much for all the help.

I’d try GameMaker, it’s a great program, and it does 2-D and now 3-D as well…though I would not use game maker to make a 3D game, but blender. I made a really nice platformer with it once, and they have a forum where you can get help too. It’s quite simple to use compared to other engines, too. also check out AGS for games that are more text based in the tradition of monkey island ( it can make other types of 2D games too, but it’s geared toward the monkey island approach. btw they are both free, but with gamemaker, you have to pay to get the full package. caution: do not get a cracked version, because if you ever but it, the legitimate install will detect the cracked install and it will compromise the installation. I saw this happen to a guy at the forum, and he whined about it, and the guy that authored the software said ‘that’s your hard cheese, you should not have stolen the software’ ( not in those words exactly )

Along the same lines as Adventure Game Studio(AGS), Wintermute, is a similar and good game making engine for adventure games.