What is the Best 3d program? OFF topic!! Dont answer!!

Is it 3ds max, maya, blender. I found a terrain builder called mojo world.

Actually I’m thinking 1 SXI, 2 3dsmax, 3 maya, 4 lightwave, and blender 5 because it’s free it’s wicked.

but on the real (I don’t want to start a flame) I’d do either SXI, then again 3DSmax and Maya level out in many ways but were Maya can do more max is faster :slight_smile:

I would love to have any of the above :slight_smile: , but Softimage XSI, 3dsmax, and Maya all run from the neighborhood of $2000 and up. :expressionless: Lightwave is a still hefty $595 SRP.

  1. Blender is FREE!

  2. Blender is powerful.

  3. Blender is open source.

  4. Blender is easily extendible via Python (another open source program)

  5. Did I mention it’s FREE? :smiley:


Lightwave is a still hefty $595 SRP

Really? Wow … NewTek is slipping … it used to be alot more than that.

By the way, this is not the forum for this topic. I’m sure it will be (or should be) moved to off topic.

Lightwave had some disappointing releases according to it’s users. They probably lowered the price to try to compensate for that and to compete.(more likely compete)

free free gota love that word free

Wrong forum and this topic has been played out to death here and at every 3D site I know.

So please don’t start another thread on this one. I just locked one in Off Topic this morning. :slight_smile: