What is the best and simplest way to texture a character?

When I try to texture an object with a single texture the image quality is greatly reduced and their seems to be no way to solve this problem. I haven’t been able to use the face select mode to texture individual faces in a humanoid model.
What I want to do is texture an object in a crisp, high quality way. ( I. E. The face texture lines up with the face geometry, the texture resolution is distorted, etc…"

What is the best method to go about texturing models in an efficient, easy way that maintains the original texture quality and somehow gets the texture to line up correctly with the object geometry?

I’m a beginner at Blender and am just starting trying to find out how texturing actually works in Blender.

The process of precisely mapping a texture to a mesh is called UV Mapping. start reading here and go forward. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/UV_Unwrapping_And_Texturing. After a few pages, you will be able to precisely map an image to a mesh without distortion and line it up with the face geometry.