What is the best approach for trying to recreate this surface

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I would personally make this using shader nodes, bake that to a black-and-white texture, and use that as a displacement map. Here’s a quick shader nodes mockup:

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start :slight_smile:


Thank you for such a quick response:) I will definitely give it a shot. Is there a more parametric approach possible. perhaps involving boids? Something more similar to this grasshopper approach (pictured below

There are a million different ways to approach this problem. You could use geometry nodes, you could make one section and array it, you could hand sculpt it, you could poly model it and then add subdivision modifiers, etc. I would personally use shaders and bake a displacement map, since that’s what I know how to do, but I’m sure other people will reply with methods they would use :slight_smile:

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You can try modeling the shapes in vertical lines and then using a cloth modifier to wrap another plane over them.

I think @joseph’s way of using shader nodes will be more promising though.


Im also thinking shaders and displacement.
Wave texture, or Voronoi texture with mapping node scaled to 0 on y(?) to get the straight lines.
Another voronoi texture with some distortion, scaled to the right length.
Blend between the two with a bit of noise mixed in to the factor.