what is the best file setup for sounds?

I heard that 22050 HZ, and 16 bits is the best:


Is it true? Also: What file size did you recommend?

Iam very close to release a demo. It will be under Creative Commons atribute 2.5(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/) with all sources availeable for download.


Please help. :eyebrowlift:

i use any .wav from 8000hz to 11025hz above that files get a bit large
ps it can only be a 16 bit not 8

OMG! 44100, 16, mono - best quality for games, but not for blender mixer. Use python sound plugins.

I agree that Python sound plugins give better sound quality for filesize in games, but they are all presently Windows only solutions.

If you hope to make a cross-platform game, you must use Blender’s sound system or make two versions: one with Python sound for Windows and one with Blender sound for other operating systems.

Hopefully a good cross-platform solution will be found soon. (I really like PySonic, and I wish someone would compile it for Linux. I would do it myself, but I don’t have the knowledge yet.)

Hey Guys, thank you very much.

Audacity opens wav files 44100, 16 and stereo (quite the same standart said by Pacman).

I miss zer0_d and his awesome explanations about conceptual questions like this one.

Special thanks to Blandenzo. I was following your tutorial for PYSOUND some days ago. Your page really rocks. Awesome material for someone tring to integrate sounds like me.

See you son. Thank you again!

quote "If you hope to make a cross-platform game, you must use Blender’s sound system or make two versions: one with Python sound for Windows and one with Blender sound for other operating systems. "

for Linux the blender sound dose not work, same with BSD and solaris.

he might be talking about mac OSX… last time I checked OSX did not have any sound either.

for cross platform games with sound I suggest Crystal space.

Game engine sound works pretty well in my Linux box!!!
I can have a big background music score, and many sounds playing
above without problems!
The only problem, it’s the file size, of course
It’ll be nice if we could have OGG suport…
Thorgal, if size it’s a problem, use 16 bit, mono WAV’s at 8000hz or maybe 11000Hz, not more.

Hi Oto!

Thank you for your feedback. Did you take a look at the YouTube videos for “mechdroid”? I made some nice “backversion” tests. Files will be availeable soon. :yes:

Size is not the problem… not yet. Just looking some general apoints… like “use power of 2 textures” this kind of thing… Thank you for your feedback!

Considering Blender 2.43… What´s better… have one stereo sound or split this sound in two mono sounds?

I miss zero_d because he (she?) is able to explain WHY you need to choose one or another.

Are you working with PYSOUND? Or is just a simple logic brick setup at your Linux games?

Thank you all again.

I’m an Logic Brick fan (well, I really suck with Python :slight_smile: )
Well if size it’s not a problem, use stereo!
If it’s just a “bzzz bzzz” in the background, you can use mono I guess and keep the stereo for the beautiful score music
If you have a good “source” sound, make it 8000Hz mono and listen to it
If you like it (no noise or distortion) just use it
Otherwise raise the level
I’ll look for your mech videos

Last night I downloaded the latest Blender build(March) from Blender Builds. It has bug fixes that happened after the official 2.43 release.

The interesting thing is that when you create a runtime with the latest build the runtime asks for 15 files, 12 more than the official release (an extra 7 megs). libogg-0.dll, libmp3lame-0.dll, and libvorbis-0.dll are 3 of them.

These three seem to be sound related. Does that mean that the game engine is going to be supporting more formats? Does anyone know?

Well I’ve just downloaded the aforementioned build and it won’t work with .ogg files.

I don’t know how hard it would be for the developers to add this support but it would really be appreciated.