What is the best format to chose for movies?

Such as AVI Raw or Mpeg Xvid and so on?
I plan on uploading on Youtube a lot.
Any suggestions on which format to pick?


AVIRaw is an intermediate format. You wouldn’t want to use that as a final format

Why not experiment. Render a test scene in various settings and see which for you give the best results

H.264 seems to give me the best results and options.

There are basically three types of videos you should be aware of. There is a video stored in an archive format, a video stored in an editing format and the final version is for deliverables/viewing.

Personally I lump archive and editing into the same format. An editing format should be lossless. The deliverable format is lossy, thus can stream and playback on low end systems.

The best advice is to just read the requirements page from youtube or vimeo and create a deliverable file from the editing/archive version.

Typically this is MP4/H264 1280x720 @500kbps with audio 128-192kbps AAC.