What is the best Laptop for this?

I have just graduated from High School! :smiley: Though now I am looking for a laptop to use at college.

What is a good laptop which can handle Blender3d and the rendering?
I’m hoping for something with an i7 core processor, and is not extremely expensive. Also, are there any good i5’s?

Thanks. :yes:

The more powerful CPU and RAM, the better, I guess… And possibly not just an on board graphic chip as that might cause troubles with blender viewport, afaik…
But as the graphics card is not used much (is it at all?) for the rendering for now, you don’t need an overly powerful one…
Most likely it’s also a question of your budget… :wink:

Well. I’ve been looking at the Sony Vaio E Series because it has what I am looking for. Though I am not sure if it can run Blender on it? :spin:

What I mean by run Blender, is run it well? :confused:

Hi Blender Artists,

Last week i discovered this amazing 3D app. =) my newly discovered hobby. been starting the tuts in my desktop pc.

tho my house we only have one desktop pc, but its been shared by family members… soo not enough time to have a one on one moment with it.

was thinking of buying a laptop. same as the original poster. tho i have a low budget. as i am still in college and working part time to pay off my expenses.

tho i know skills and knowledge far outweight the pc.

was wondering if this laptop $400 AS5251 from acer will be fine to work with it ? and will it be enough to say be able to do some of the rendering examples shown in the blender magazine ? also working along side with photoshop CS4

i will appreciate your kindly advices. thank you !

is it a dual core i7 or quadcore i7?

I read quite many bad notes about the quad core i7 laptops.

hi cekuhnen,

its not core i7, its amd v120.

i think is a 1 core. will it be ok? i meant like for photoshop and blender?

What have you heard that is bad about them? I’m quite curious if there is some impending doom about to hit mine.

I purchased one recently and it is fantastic. Having said that, you do need to know what you need in a laptop, and if battery life is one of them, perhaps some of he i7’s would not be the laptops for you.

I got a Sony Vaio F series, which only has up to about 2 hours of battery life. It has 6Gb ram, 1Gb dedicated CUDA supporting 330m graphics, and a i7 720 quad core CPU that does between 1.6 and 2.8Ghz clock speed. Full HD Adobe Certified monitor.

The F Series also has a i5 version, but the screen resolution and ram will also be lower speced. Having said that the battery will probably last longer and the price is significantly lower.

If you want a small laptop they are probably not for you though, since they have a full sized keyboard.

overheating, shutdowns, material ware, fan noise, i7 throttling, short battery life.
The quad i7 is not made for laptops in a general sense.
Not without a reason do you have mobile version for 3d cards, and cpus.

I am not stating no laptop can work with an i7 quad. But with that chip
you need to be careful. Thats all I was implying. If the laptop is well designed and
not a cheap thrown together build with thermal engineering it should be fine.
Sony I would assume does know what they are doing - as with the F series.

what about the AMD laptops? its not corei7 . the model i posted the AS 5251 is it ok? its cheap… not sure if its ok. or should i just look for a intel laptops to do blender and adobe suites cs? thanks in advance

The lowest price for
Asus Eee PC 1005PEB
IS that I could find so far is here: