What is the best method for real video with animation mix?

I want to have a toy robot in the foreground of a real AVI video. This will only be about a 7 second clip.

No worry about shadows and critical placement, because the toy robot will only be seen from the waist up and in the foreground.

  1. In Blender 3D, I have thought of putting the AVI video on a flat panel in the background, with no shadows recieved and at full gain. Then animate the robot in Blender. (may get distortion and poor video quality, not sure on this)


  1. Animate the robot in blender with a “green screen”, then chroma-Key it in a video editor. (May get green reflections on the robot, thus causing problems with the chroma key… hmmm).

  2. Any better suggestions?

You could do this in the compositor, but unless I’m missing something it would be even easier in the video sequence editor with an Alpha Over effect.

Note: These instructions are for 2.49 or earlier, as I’m working from memory.

Animate the robot. In the render context, change the background fill option from “Sky” to “Prem(ul)”. This makes the robot scene render with a transparent background (premultiplied zero alpha).
Go to the VSE.
Add your .avi as channel 1.
Add the robot scene as channel 2.
Select channel 1, shift-select channel 2 (order is important).
Space bar->Alpha over. Place in channel 3.