What is the best pose for starting rigging?

Hello there, I have just started to model this low poly humanoid. I have a few questions.

1- I saw different people starting rigging in different positions. What is the best position to start rigging? I s there any rule of thumbs?

2- Is there a way to pose my model without deforming it?

3- Is there a way to fix or recalculate nodes of character?

4- Could you recommend any tutorials to start up rigging?

If you would like to say any problems about the model I appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

  1. Depends on personal preference, a T- pose is going to give easier mathematical accuracy. I’ve heard professionals say the proper way to do it is to model a character as it would stand naturally.

  2. One way is to cut the limbs into separate objects and then move them into positions. That would prevent deformation.

  3. Humane Rigging

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Thank you for your reply. It seems to cause more trouble if I try to T-pose I will try on this pose. Many animators using separated body part models. I wonder if those models work better in terms of comprehension.

I remember reading to model in T-pose and rig with A-pose as base pose, which I’ve yet to try, but it makes sense.

In either-or situation, I prefer the T-pose for modeling and rigging because it makes things much easier. But if you were to take the rigged model and weight paint based on the A-pose (since it’s more a natural neutral pose), I think that should work pretty good.

Of course somebody with more experience can chime in, haha.