What is the best practice for storing animations destined for Unity?

I’ve recently begun preparing an animated horse model for Unity, and after watching a few tutorials and having moderate success overall I am curious if there is a best practice for moving models to Unity from Blender.

The easiest way I have seen is to move a .blend file directly into the resources folder. This works pretty well, but it is only moving the active action to Unity and not recognizing the others. Exporting a .FBX file manually has had very little success in my case, the model doesnt show up at all and the Inspector doesnt recognize any of it. Ive been copying the usual settings (checking armature & mesh, selecting Baked Actions and deselecting NLA Tracks).

This brings me to the main question: I have seen others use three different techniques for moving an animation. Using the Action Editor and faking users for each Action and then moving the Blend file, Exporting a new armature animation as .FBX for each Action, and putting all animations spaced out in a single action and then clipping them out as Takes in Unity.

The last option here seems really clunky and not like the best course, but I am fairly new to animating as a whole and would love some clarification if possible.

If it matters, I am animating a horse not a humanoid figure. There are some non-bone animations (Shapekey using empty controllers) and regular rig animations. At the moment I am more concerned with getting all the regular bone animations into Unity, but any insight on how or if I can move shapekey animations to Unity would be awesome all the same.

I plan to create a new blend file and strip down to the base parts and work back up, and i’d be more than happy to provide links and screenshots then.

Also if this is in the wrong section I apologize, I wasnt sure this would fit under the Game Engine section as it seemed more designed for the BGE