What is the best way to apply pre designed logos and text to models?

I’m working on a project where I need to apply some pre designed logos to my model’s T-Shirt, and need to be able to apply a lot of variations of the same design but with different text.

The easiest way, if the uv maps didn’t distort them, would be to just add the images and text to my main texture using photoshop. Unfortunately there is distortion because of the UV maps. I was thinking of maybe making a stencil (A plane with text cut out) and painting through it in orthographic mode to give me a good reference for how I need to distort my logos and text in photoshop but I was wondering if somebody had a better idea.



One way to do it would be to create a separate plane which has the logo/text {transparent where these are not shown}
Then use the shrink wrap modifier to force the plane onto the underlying topology

This depends a lot on how good it looks on the topology
If the shrink wrapping is not effective another approach to achieve the same end would be to use the cloth sim.
The plane would be the cloth, and you could allow gravity to pull the cloth over the topology which is a collision object

Then to change the different icons and text you would just need to change the image texture on the plane

Hope this helps