What is the best way to create an open gap for a mouth?


What is the best way to create open gaps/spaces for a characters mouth. Think cartoon characters like Dopey, or puppets The Count (Sesame Street). My current workflow is creating a mask for the mouth, inverting, then using the reverse draw tool, but this seems to be a little sloppy. Anyone have any suggestions?

Can you give us an image of your mesh?

It would help if you showed us the mesh.

I don’t understand what you were saying about your current workflow. Maybe I’m not familiar with certain aspects of Blender that you use.

That sounds interesting.
I have always avoided the Sculpt tools until now, but I would really like to know.
Would you have some screenshots or a short video about your workflow?

i replied to a very similar thread not too long ago, perhaps good idea to check that out, as i share the workflow i use on humans. I think it’d translate very well into cartoons.

Pardon the sculpt in that thread, i did it in 2 minutes so its super rough