What is the best way to make a Twinkling Starry Night in cycles

I have an Environment Texture of Stars, I added composting nodes to add star streaks, unfortunately they effect the planets in my Texture as well, I basically have an Environment Texture, and now I want to animate the iterations from 2 to 5, I just want it to vary over time to give the stars a Twinkling effect, I know I can animate it frame by frame, but I have 50,000 frames, and I can not figure out how to add a driver to it, it does not seem possible, so I can not add a sine wave to it, nor do I see nodes that can do this, any ideas?

I could not attach the file, so its here on Google Drive, about 25 MB, it has the Texture embedded: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxG0rPL3s16tbzhvckg1aXc5X1k

For the repeating pattern try a modifier on the f-curve:

I could suggest that you create 2 environment textures. For the planets why not pre-process them with the compositor node “Despeckle”. This way you could remove all the small stars and make a clean planet plate. Then invert the result to remove planest from the star plate.

Thanks, I see what I did wrong, its been a while, I keep opening the dope sheet instead of the Graph editor, no wonder I could not add a modifier function to it, the right tool for the right job.

I like the idea of breaking out the planets.