what is the best way to make clouds

what is the best way to make clouds

Depends on what you want them for. You can mess around with cloud textures on the sky material, if that’s the kind of clouds you need. If you want more dynamic smoke clouds, study up on particles
“Clouds” can cover a lot of ground, can you be more specific?

If you are aiming for any kind of realism Blender is totally useless…I hate to say this but it’s true.

Are you looking to make static or animatable clouds? If it’s the former then download some of my skymaps @ the top of this forum…

just 3d clouds and I want it to animate

and then I mean clouds in the sky, not smoke from a chimney or something.

Cog has made some very nice clouds (you can even fly through them). Using the same technique he used for his nebulas. You may find them suitable. See a short movie here:



Gilles Tran made some amazing clouds with POVRay using the method of stacked planes and d3f-files.


I doubt if this can be done in Blender but it might give you some new ideas

Armadillo, try this link https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=390266#390266

Its my Outdoor lighting WIP. It involves clouds that cast shadows on the ground. I think they look pretty good…

wow thanks :o , I going to try to make some
(…that will take a while, but hey :smiley: )

Floating paticle-emitters come to mind. But the technique depends a great deal on the type of cloud you want. For practical purposes, any adaptable source of real clouds would be best.