What is the best way to make textures

What is the best way to make seamless textures and what is the best software to use as long it is not to expensive.

I use the offset function in Photoshop. I’m pretty sure Gimp has that as well.

I was actually wanting to know the best way to make textures from scratch


I as an avid texture lover I can easily answer your question by saying; yes. In other words, there is no “Best” way to make your own textures. However, I would strongly suggest doing the following and see what works best for you.

  1. Create textures in blender using it’s built in features. PerlinNoise, Magic, Marble, etc.
  2. Take photographs and make them seamless.
  3. Try out the free demo of Filter Forge. If you submit enough good textures, they even give you a free copy. (See www.filterforge.com)
  4. Try drawing seamless textures in software such as Photoshop, gimp, or even with Blender itself.
  5. Go to www.cgtextures.com, download a few images and make them seamless.

I strongly encourage you to watch the video in the link above; not because I made it, but because it does show you how to make photos seamless in both Gimp and Blender; which is pretty fundamental to making your own textures. Good luck.

Nice Video but i Know how to do that.

I will give Filter forge a try.

Filter forge is awesome, but not free, and really not cheap either. I did the 30 day trial, and made a bunch of textures. There are a few filters that make it worth the price though - a wood filter, and a stone filter. Wonderful.

gimp has an option for making tillable textures, you of course need to make it first. I am still trying to learn the technique.

the fast/easiest way is to use the “Make seamless” ( or tillable?)filter, in the Filters-Map section!
Unfortunately, most of the times the image needs to be rearranged !
Or, you can use the powerful “Resynthesize” filter ( Filters-Map, but not shipped with Gimp)!
Unfortunately, big computing power needed ( or lots of empty time)!