What is the best way to model a water drop effect?

I want to model the effect of a water drop falling into water and producing the tipical ripple (circular) effect.
what would be the best way to do it?


The wave effect is your man: http://www.blender3d.org/documentation/htmlI/x9783.html. It is pretty simple, but if you hit a snag, just ask for help. :slight_smile:


Thanks Lurifer

I read about the wave effect but I do not think that is what I want.
I try to get a circular surface to have concentric ring waves from the center (where the dop had fallen) but I do not think that the wave effect is the solution.

I guess I could do it by drawing the shpe an the use a sweep

use the procedural wood ring texture as a disp map like this. or you could just use it as a nor map if you don’t want to displace the mesh. Here is an example:


this tutorial is way more advanced then what you are doing but have a look at the heart shaped ripple at the end of it.